Monday, October 3, 2011

Deep In The Forest Jacket

The fair isle sweater that I wore today had been lying around in my wardrobe for I can't tell you how many years before it finally occurred to me to pair it with the skirt and shirt that I wore today.  I can't tell you how that miracle came about.  No, wait, I can.  I was checking out a new pine green sweater, which I wasn't entirely sold on (but that's another story), to pair with the skirt.  Doing so led me to evaluate what was already in my wardrobe (a new habit of mine, of which I am proud, incidentally).  That evaluation led to the discovery of the fair isle sweater.  "Wait a minute," I then said to myself, "why couldn't I wear this sweater with the skirt?"  Five minutes later today's outfit, less the jacket, was born.  Now for the cherry on top: the jacket.  That I really can't explain.  I can't explain why it suddenly occurred to me to pair pine green with olive green.  All I know was that I did it and I was instantly pleased with the result.  Now for the "having your cake and eating it too" part.  The jacket was one of the Dear Creatures pieces that I snagged on sale at the end of the Summer, after coveting it since first seeing it last Fall.  Happiness all around!

I am wearing an old H&M skirt (I call it my fish tail skirt), an old H&M shirt with an old Gap tie, an old Old Navy fair isle sweater and a tweed jacket by Dear Creatures.  An old Nine West cloche hat sits atop my head and Fluevogs are on my feet.  An old wool/silk blend scarf keeps my neck warm.  My raincoat is an old LLBean raincoat.  I am carrying an old Roots cotton canvas satchel.

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