Saturday, October 15, 2011

Special Specs

It was completely unintentional, my wearing more rust-coloured clothing today.  What wasn't unintentional was my wearing the dress and the vest.  I can't tell you how long I have been wanting to wear the dress and the vest.  I got the dress this past Spring.  At that time it was too cold (yes, too cold) to wear the dress.  Then, Summer hit -- suddenly as usual -- and it was too hot.  Then, Fall came.  I was too enchanted with jumper dresses and forgot about the dress.  When I finally remembered the dress, it rained ... and rained ... and rained.  This morning it was still raining, but I finally reached the point of not caring about the possibility of waterlogging the dress -- I would just be careful, avoid puddles, walk gingerly.  So I put on the dress.  Maybe luck was on my side today.  It never rained when I had to be outside.  The outfit was the perfect Fall outfit.

I am wearing an H&M dress (from the Spring just past), an old Zara vest, an old Anthropologie wrap belted sweater and an old newsboy cap.  My boots are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying a Roots bag.

P.S. Oh.  I suppose I should say something about my special specs.  When I turned on my computer today, I was greeted, as usual in the past week and a half, by a picture of Steve Jobs.  It occurred to me all of a sudden that my specs resemble the ones that he wore.  That's just one of the things that make the specs special for me.

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