Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camel Cavalry Pant

Last night, I was browsing the Eddie Bauer website, seeing lots of things that I would love to have, including a vintage inspired down jacket, a down vest and vintage inspired lace-up ankle boots (and a lamp).  Of course, I "bookmarked" all these items, for later contemplation and decision.  (That I didn't immediately pull out the credit card is amazing, particularly since many of these items had the notation "only a few left" beside them.)  This morning, as I was making my way to work, I started contemplating the items.  More amazing than not having purchased the items last night, by the light of this morning, I realized that I didn't really need any of the items (the lamp perhaps being an exception) because I already had similar items (again, the lamp being an exception).  Then I thought how much fun it would be to explore and discover all the things that I already have.  And, just like that, the items from Eddie Bauer were pushed aside.  Then I thought, "Wow! I think I may be entering a new personal season.  I definitely like what is happening!"  (Apologies to Eddie Bauer.  There isn't anything bad about the items.  They are gorgeous.  It's just that I want to explore and discover all the gorgeous things I already have, instead of continuing to acquire more gorgeous things.)

I am wearing an old Urban Renewal blouse with an old Gap tie, a sweater from H&M, old Lands End cavalry pants, an old jacket (originally from Anthropologie), an old JCrew scarf and an old Nine West cloche hat.  My ankle boots are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying an old cotton canvas souvenir satchel.

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