Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Ruffled Edge Red Sweater

So if I thought that a shamrock green gingham shirt was loud, what was I thinking when I put on red this morning?  That it would be quiet?  Whatever I may have been thinking when I put red on this morning, I was very happy to put on my trusty oxfords after yesterday's adventure with heels.  I do adore the shoes that I wore yesterday, and I can't say that they have much of a heel, but I guess that I am out of practice wearing any kind of heel. Anyhoo, everything seems upside down.  Me not wanting to wear colour then wearing red, me wearing heels.  So it seems only fitting that I have taken to sporting a lot of old new stuff lately, stuff that I acquired ages ago but have never worn (or only ever wore once).  The red/orange/rust dress (that I wore yesterday), the needlepoint bag (that I started carrying on Tuesday) and the ruffled edge red sweater (that I wore today).  I don't know how these things all escaped going to the charity shop, and why I am all of sudden enamoured with them, but it is certainly consistent with everything else going on in my clothing life right now.  Yep.  Definitely upside down.

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