Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Kaleidoscope Of Colour Dress

Today, on my way to the neighbourhood HMV, I stopped by Anthropologie.  After falling in love with about a half dozen full price items (mostly dresses, but also some blouses and jackets), all of which I was determined to not buy, I made my way to the sales section.  There, in the dresses section, I spied one green dress, an old item (probably dating back a couple of months), that I had thought about buying when it first went on sale but had ultimately decided against doing so, thinking that I wouldn't really like it on me.  It has a scoop neck and I don't really like scoop necks on me.  This one green dress was in one of the two sizes that I usually try on and I thought that the price was right.  So I tried it on.  It fit and, after pondering the scoop neck issue for a bit, I decided that I should get the dress.  Now, when I decided to the try the green dress on, I had thought that it cost $59.95.  While standing in line to purchase the dress, I noticed that I had misread the price.  The price tag actually read $89.95.  All of a sudden, I started to get nervous about that scoop neck.  I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to spend ninety bucks to start experimenting with my comfort level with scoop necks.  Yet I felt like I had committed to buying the dress and now had to follow through.  After a few more minutes of feeling nervous, a cash freed up.  Imagine my surprise when the clerk scanned the barcode and it turned out that the dress had been marked down to $9.95!  Wow!  I remained composed on the outside, of course, but, inside, I was jumping and dancing and woo-hooing all over the store!

P.S. I wore this kaleidoscope of colour dress on Saturday.  Someone remarked that I was the "picture of Summer".  Thank you!

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