Monday, June 6, 2011

The Grey Mary Janes

Today's outfit almost didn't make it out of the house.  While I had bought the skirt (some time ago now -- more on that later) with the intention of wearing it with the blouse, when I eventually brought the two together, I didn't immediately like the result.  However, when I added the grey jacket to the mix, and then the copper pin, and finally the grey mary janes, things started to look up.  I pulled it all together yesterday, when I was trying to wind down.  Given how frenetic things were at the time, I am surprised that something good came out of that time.  But it did, and I am glad.


Iz bakinog ormara said...

great combo! may I say that I'd only take the bag (the one I adore) out of the picture and go for more of a minimalist feel. The button on the sweater also makes a noise (translation from Spanish, here). Hope yo don't mind.

Love the texture of the sweater, the grey and navy look great together here.

wardrobetales said...

Iz bakinog ormara: I don't mind at all, and I completely see what you are saying. In the picture where my arm is covering the button on the jacket, the outfit does look better. And maybe a solid colour bag (I happen to have a grey one that would tie the jacket and shoes together) would make the look more minimalist?