Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Rusty Dress

I am pretty good about not keeping things that I can't work into my wardrobe.  Having said that, there are some things that I hang on to even if they have never been worn.  Usually, these things eventually make their way into my wardrobe.  It's like they bide their time until the right moment comes along to sneak into my wardrobe.  When it does, they explode onto the scene and, more often than not, they become the "it" piece in my wardrobe.  I have yet to figure out how, given my penchant for clearing the closet of things that aren't worn, these things manage to survive in my closet.  How do they do it?  Is there some survival of the fittest thing that exists among clothes and shoes?  Or is it my subconscience at work?


Iz bakinog ormara said...

adorable, carpet needlepoint bags are my weak point, have a dozen of them. This one is great, don't you feel it's a good base for complementing colors of other garments in the same outfit? At least I try to do so,

wardrobetales said...

I adore carpet needlepoint bags as well. Unfortunately, this is my only one. I have been looking for quite some time now for a large one -- Mary Poppins size -- but I haven't been able to locate the perfect one yet!