Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chambray Sack Dress

Remember how some time ago I said that it seemed that I was so "into" chambray and denim dresses that I just couldn't stop buying them?  That was way back when it was Winter.  Since then, I think that I have only worn two of those "new" chambray/denim dresses -- most of them weren't warm enough for Winter weather.  Today I wore another one.  I knew when I was considering buying the dress that I wore today that it was, more or less, a sack dress, meaning it might not be considered by some to be flattering.  But, truth be told, that was its appeal.  That and the leather lace belt it came with.  I loved (and love) that little detail.

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Iz bakinog ormara said...

Love the whole outfit, what a nice detail a cord belt, and the purse is great.