Friday, October 22, 2010

Soap Opera And Going To The Cottage

So one of the two JCrew items that I mentioned yesterday I was (sort of) coveting is now off my wish list.  How come?  Because since mentioning the items, I have been to the Gap, where I purchased a black jacket with grey piping.  The Gap jacket was on sale and, as such, way more of a practical purchase for me than the JCrew jacket.  In addition, after trying the Gap jacket on, I realized that I much prefer grey piping on a black jacket than white piping on a black jacket.  So the JCrew black jacket with white piping is off my wish list.  The shawl collar cardigan with contrast tipping, however, is still on my wish list.

Since I seem to be picking up today from exactly where I left off yesterday, let me continue.  Yesterday, when I got to work, I started questioning my choice of footwear.  I kept thinking that I should have worn "those brown Kicker boots".  When I got home, I thought that I would just try on "those brown Kicker boots" to see if my thinking was correct.  So I went to get "those brown Kicker boots".  Funny thing.  It turns out I don't have any brown Kicker boots; I have black Kicker boots (and brown Kicker shoes).  Because I couldn't give up on the idea that I should have worn brown boots, I tried on my brown Fluevog boots.  I think that I made the right choice of boots.  Maybe.

In addition to questioning my choice of boots yesterday, I also questioned my choice of coat.  I realized that I am having what is turning out to be a perennial problem of picking appropriate coats.  I am not entirely sure why it matters so much to me to pick appropriate coats, but it does, and, since it does, I really need to figure out how to do so.  Maybe if I didn't stop my planning of outfits short of a coat?  I suppose it is something to try.

As for today's outfit, it is an outfit that I put together last week after going to the Susan Harris Design open house.  At that time, I said that I wasn't sure that I would ever wear, but, truth be told, with each passing day since "creating it", I have been itching more and more for an occasion to wear it.  I like to call it my "Going to the Cottage (If I Had One) Outfit".  It is definitely a warm, comfy, cosy outfit.  And it was totally appropriate for today's weather.  It was just one degree celsius when I got up this morning (heading for a daytime high of just nine degrees celsius) and, on the radio, they said that there had been snow flurries to the north of my city.  Brrrrr!  It's probably a good thing that I like sweaters as much as I do!

I am wearing an old tshirt from the Gap, a sweater dress by Susan Harris Design, an old cardigan by Susan Harris Design, an old scarf by Susan Harris Design, leggings from Old Navy and an old barn jacket from Lands End.  My socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are Bogs.

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Paula O'Brien said...

Hi there-
Just came across your blog, good job! I like the way you show the different looks with the same pieces, keep up the good work. It's inspiring both for regular fashion buyers and for sewers and upcyclers.
Cheers from the West Coast-
Paula O'Brien