Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Next Accessory: A Cottage?

Given all the "Going to the Cottage (If I had One)" outfits I have been wearing as of late, I should probably consider getting a rural retreat!  The other day, I started thinking of my late grandma, wondering if she may be the source of some of my "rural inspired" outfits.  My grandma was a worker.  At my family's cottage, she  mowed the lawn, cleared brush for a garden, gardened, chopped wood, helped to build the storage shed, etc.  When she was doing all this "manual labour", she would wear slacks and men's shirts and, when it was cold, lots of different coloured and mismatched patterned layers.  When she was finished, she would clean up and put on a blouse and skirt or a dress, keeping the casual feel and mismatching of colours and patterns of her work outfits.  In the city, I rarely saw her wearing pants; it was always the dresses and skirts.  I don't remember consciously opting for my grandma's style of dress, but I would definitely say that I have adopted elements of it: the love of skirts and dresses, the wearing of men's shirts, the wearing of layers, the wearing of different colours and mismatched patterns.  Although, unlike my grandma, who wore pants only to work in, I wear pants just for the sake of wearing them, however infrequently that may be.

I promise that I will stop wearing my new Bogs soon ... as soon as it stops raining!  I think that I have become acclimated to the rain.  I really don't mind it now.  Especially since I have these new Bogs that I love to bits.

I am wearing an old jersey blouse from Lands End, an old silver pin, an old dress by Susan Harris Design, an old wrap cardigan by Susan Harris Design, an old quilted vest from the Gap, old long johns by Stanfields and old socks from an off-price store.  My boots are Bogs.

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