Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Say Pota-toe, I Say Pota-tow

Lately, I have been pondering my love of plaid, wool, tweed, quilted jackets and wellies, in connection with this notion of grunge.  Can some of what I wear be described as grunge style?  I have never thought of my outfits being grunge style. But if my references and the references for grunge are the same, I guess they could be called grunge style.

The boots that I wore today are new Bogs.  I suspect that I will be wearing them a lot in the near future, particularly if Winter this year is like Winter was last year, i.e. not a lot of snow.

When I got home today, a package from LLBean was waiting for me.  Last week, I commented on a blog how I had developed "a thing" for LLBean last Winter.  Today, my third pair of Bean boots arrived.  Clearly I have a thing for LLBean.  These latest Bean boots are fleece lined and have front zips.  Though I don't expect to be wearing them any time soon, I do expect to be wearing them quite a bit come Winter (when I am not wearing the new Bogs).  I tried them on and, not only are they toasty warm, they are also very comfortable.

My LLBean package also included a pair of Lace Snowbell Boots, described on the LLBean website as "inspired by vintage Eskimo-style boots in the L.L.Bean archives".  The boots were available in brown and graphite.  When I first saw them, I wanted both colours.  Eventually, I talked myself into getting the brown ones first and getting the graphite ones if I loved the brown ones once I got my hands (literally) on them.  Well I love the brown ones.  So I guess I will be ordering the graphite ones.  I hope that LLBean will still have them in stock in my size by the time I can order them.  The Bogs and new Bean boots will have to step aside every once in a while this Winter for the Lace Snowbell Boots, because they too are awesome (in my humble opinion).

I am wearing an H&M top, an old quilted Gap vest, an old H&M bubble skirt, an old H&M belt, an old Kensie coat, old Gap leggings, old LLBean socks and Bogs.

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