Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Coat And A Suit

Since I don't have much to say about today's outfit, other than that I added an old H&M suit to yesterday's new H&M coat, I thought that I would make today's post one of those random thoughts about clothes posts (since I do have a couple of random thoughts about clothes to share).  So here goes.

Random thought number one:  On Tuesday, I finally wore an outfit, inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2011 twenty-seven names collection, that had been waiting to be worn for a couple of weeks.  It occurred to me this evening that there is a second outfit, inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2011 twenty-seven names collection, and created around the same time as the outfit that I wore on Tuesday was, that is still waiting to be worn.  This second outfit just keeps slipping out of my consciousness when it leaves my sight.  I really have no idea when I might wear this second outfit.

Random thought number two:  Yesterday, I received a package from LLBean.  I ordered those Lace Snowbell Boots in graphite about a week ago and, yesterday, they arrived.  There were two other items in the package: two waffle-lined flannel shirts.  I had a few free hours today, so I thought that I would try on one of the shirts.  As soon as I put it on, I fell in love with it and began styling it.  At some point, I recalled an LLBean flannel shirt that I had seen in an editorial last year.  I remember being drawn to it, wanting it and trying to find it, to no avail, at LLBean.  I think that the flannel shirts that I bought this year are the flannel shirt that was in the editorial.   I was new to LLBean last year.  Having had more experience with LLBean, I now realize that the reason why I probably couldn't find the shirt last year was because, by the time I had gotten around to looking for it, LLBean had sold out of it.  Weird, huh?  How I happen to buy this year, by happenstance, what I wanted to buy last year.

I am wearing a coat from H&M and an old suit from H&M.  My tights are from my sock drawer and my booties are by Neosens.

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