Thursday, February 16, 2012

skinny column dress

the look:

pullover - old jacob
dress - american apparel
belt - old uo
cardi - jcrew factory
hand warmers - h&m
shoes - old doc martens
hat - lillie & cohoe
coat - old uo
scarf - old
bag - coach

the tale:

i have been having some tough days lately.  so, after work today, i thought that i would head to the nearest shops and look at some pretty clothes.  i was particularly interested in looking at some comme des garcons clothes.  i was disappointed.  i went to a particular shop expecting it to carry comme des garcons.  last time that i went to the shop -- admittedly, about a year ago -- it carried comme des garcons.  it turns out the shop no longer carries comme des garcons.  by the time i got to the shop, scoured its racks in search of comme des garcons and realized that the shop no longer carries comme des garcons, it was too late to try another shop that might carry the label.  so no comme des garcons remedy for my feeling stressed, tired and generally crappy.  what's worse: i wasn't even looking to buy anything.  I was just looking to look!

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