Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new bag

the look:

coat - from a local arts and crafts import shop
hand warmers - h&m
hat - lillie & cohoe
boots - old doc martens
scarf - old
bag - m0851

the tale:

my latest acquisition:  the bag.  i have been aware of the maker of the bag -- m0851 -- for many year.  but, for the past few years, it was sort of off my radar.  this past fall, the retail shop in my home city switched locations.  it ended up in the middle of my path to work.  a few weeks ago, a deep brown version of the bag showed up in its windows.  every  work day since then, i have been walking by the shop and peering in the window at the deep brown version of the bag.  at some point, i started wondering if a black version of the bag existed.  finally, i went in the shop and made inquiries ... and walked out with the bag.  i love it.

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