Monday, February 13, 2012

forget the green dress dress

the look:

shirt - h&m
dress - gap
vest - american apparel
tie - old gap
jacket - old h&m
hand warmers - h&m
boots - doc martens
parka - old canada goose
scarf - old h&m
hat - lillie & cohoe

the tale:

i think that it was in september (or early october) that i splurged and bought a fluorescent green satchel.  little did i know when i did so that months later i would be stepping completely out of my comfort zone and buying a mate for it -- a fluorescent lime green dress.  come spring, i want to bring the two together paired with some black tights, black boots (i am thinking the doc martens that i wore today) and a black cropped jacket.  and while i am on the subject of green and black, this black dress is the one that made me get over my desire for the green dress from jcrew.  letting go of that green dress was so right.  not only because of the black dress but also because of the (in my opinion at least) much cooler fluorescent lime green dress that came my way today.  if i am going to wear green, the fluorescent lime green dress is the way to go (at least i think so).

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