Friday, February 3, 2012

Cream Please Corduroy Skirt

The look:

blouse - old Gap
vest - American Apparel
skirt and cardi - Anthropologie
belt - old UO
jewels - old JCrew
beret - old
coat - old UO
scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
boots - old Miz Mooz
bag - old Lululemon

The tale:

I thought that, today, I would inject some brightness into my wardrobe.  Why?  Because I have been saying all this week how I haven't given up on colour for the week and the week is quickly drawing to a close.  I thought that I had better do something to save myself from becoming a liar.  I suppose I could have just declared that I was giving up on colour for the week, but I think that would have been an easy way out.  Now, I will admit that cream and white aren't exactly colour.  And, I will further admit that the outfit does have a lot of black in it.  But it is the best that I could do to get away from wearing all black.  Speaking of which (getting away from wearing all black, that is, and I suppose colour), in the midst of my week of almost all black outfits, the new JCrew catalogue arrived at my home.  And what should I be most taken with?  A green dress!  I find it strange that, while I don't seem to want to wear colour, I am still attracted to coloured clothing.  I suppose the real question is whether I would wear the green dress, now or in the future, if I bought it.

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