Sunday, February 12, 2012

split back pullover

the look:

blouse - american apparel
dress - old h&m
pullover - zara
socks - old ck
hat - lillie & cohoe
parka - old canada goose
scarf - old h&m
gloves - h&m
boots - old sorels

the tale:

so excited about some new doc martens that i got today.  there was a sale going on at the doc martens shop in my home city, something that i wasn't aware of until i got to the shop.  i went to the shop in search of a particular style of doc martens, found them on sale and snagged the last pair in my size.  usually i am not so fortunate, so i can only conclude that i was meant to have this pair of boots.  after silently celebrating getting the sought after doc martens, i eyed another pair that sort of interested me when i saw them online yesterday.  there was only one pair left of these in my size.  i tried them on and, since they were also on sale, looked nothing like the first pair and could easily fit into the style that i am currently playing with, i decided to go crazy and get them as well.  bonus:  both pairs will work in snow and slush.

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