Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seriously Studious Glasses

I have had the glasses that I wore today for some time now, but today marked their debut on me.

I told everyone who asked about the glasses that they are my Harry Potter glasses.  I didn't buy the glasses because they look like Harry Potter glasses, I bought the glasses because I used to have large round plastic frames once upon a time, gave them away at a certain point, started missing them and wished that I had some large round plastic frames.  I started longing for large round plastic frames long before the Harry Potter phenomenon caused some to appear for sale, but I had to wait for the Harry Potter phenomenon to occur (lucky for me that it did) before I could satisfy my longing (which is why I call them my Harry Potter glasses).

One of my wardrobe resolutions for this year is to not be hasty about and to not allow emotions to dictate decisions about giving away items of my wardrobe.  Had I not been hasty about giving away my old large round plastic frames ... well ... there would have been no need for Harry Potter glasses.

Another of my wardrobe resolutions for this year is to improve my clothes care habits -- you know, things like maybe pulling out the iron once in a while.  I pulled out the iron this morning, to iron out some of the wrinkles in the skirt.  Not perfect, I will admit, but certainly an improvement.

I am wearing a vintage H&M shirt with a vintage Gap tie, a vintage RW&Co skirt with vintage Jacob suspenders, a vintage Old Navy wool vest and a vintage Lux wool cardigan (originally from Urban Outfitters).  My boots are vintage army boots.  (I wore the coat that I wore yesterday with the button scarf, beret and mitts that I wore yesterday.)

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