Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Seems So Long Since I Felt Normal

It has probably been at least one year since I was so sick that I stopped thinking about clothes or deriving pleasure from clothes.  However long it has been, I am currently in the midst of recovering from a bad bout of the flu.  While I was in the depths of the illness, clothes (and I am talking about looking at or thinking about clothes, wearing real clothes being outside the realm of the possible) brought me no comfort at all.  I am far from fully recovered from the flu ... and I am far from finding comfort in looking at clothes or putting together outfits.  I suspect that it will be some time before things are normal, healthwise or clothes-wise.  Today's outfit is one of the last outfits that I wore before the flu hit me.

I am wearing a vintage Gap handknit turtleneck, vintage Old Navy corduroys and a vintage Gap belt.  My socks are old by LLBean and my boots are Bogs.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get well soon and enjoy the clothes and life as soon as possible. Lot of orange juice and you'll scare the flu away.

wardrobetales said...

Thank you for your well wishes lz bakinog ormara! I really appreciate them!