Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goldenrod Cords And An Electric Blue Buffalo Check Shirt

2011 is starting out dark and wet ... and mild.  I couldn't be happier (even knowing that the temperature is set to plummet this evening and Winter to return in full force tomorrow)!  There are some new things greeting the new year.  First things first:  Say hello to my new merino wool sweater jacket from JCrew.  It is one of my recent sale purchases from JCrew.  I coveted this sweater jacket from the moment that I saw it.  I feel fortunate to have been able to have gotten it on sale, after I had thought that it had completely disappeared.

Now on to other new things:  New hair style for the new year (although I think I probably started last year with the same look -- cycles, what can I say).  Once I gave up long hair, some years ago, it wasn't too long before I started wearing my hair very short (and, by very short, I mean no longer than 1/2 of an inch).  However, having gone through a period this past Summer and Fall of wearing a long fringe and of having some length "on top" (2 inches at least), I must say that it feels rather odd having very short hair again.  It will, however, make it very easy to wear hats until at least early Spring, which I plan on doing.

I am wearing a vintage Gap shirt with vintage Banana Republic beads, vintage Lands End cords with a vintage Gap belt, a merino wool sweater jacket by JCrew, old wool work socks from an off-price store and boots by LLBean.


Anonymous said...

Great color combination, and suits you well.

wardrobetales said...

Thank you!