Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right Boots, Right Day: Serendipity

Sometimes, after I wear a "pants outfit", I try to create a "skirt version" of the outfit.  That's what I did today: I wore a skirt version of a pants outfit that I wore last week.  I am not always satisfied with the skirt version of a pants outfit, but, today, I was.  It is pure serendipity that I have cord pants and a cord skirt in the exact same colour.

Today, there was a significant snowfall in my home city, for the first time this season.  I know that the amount of snow that there will be in my home city, when the snowfall ends, will pale in comparison to the amount of snow that many other places have had, but it is still a significant amount for my home city.  I was very pleased that I wore the right (from a being practical, not being fashionable, point of view) boots today.  I don't kid myself that this was anything but largely serendipitous.

I scored some really great bargains at Urban Outfitters today.  I think that I like sales at this time of year more than I like end of Summer sales.  Maybe it has something to do with there being (apparently) more stock, more variety and, consequently, more selection at this time of year than at the end of the Summer.  Or, maybe, I like sales at this time of year because I like Fall/Winter clothing more than I like Summer clothing.

I am thinking about paring down my shoe collection.  I am thinking that, as much as I love all my pairs of shoes, there are some that I will probably never wear again.  I am still in the early, early stages of thinking about it.  I don't like saying never.

I am wearing a vintage Gap shirt with vintage Banana Republic beads, a merino wool sweater jacket by JCrew, a cord skirt from Anthropologie, knit leggings by H&M, old wool work socks from an off-price store and old boots from Land's End.

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