Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fuzzy Grey Sweater

Some days (today being one of them), when I pass through the mall on my way home from an overly long day at work, with the intent of indulging in a beloved activity, namely, looking at clothes, nothing happens.  By this I mean everything looks like everything else and nothing looks particularly creative or inspiring.  Everything looks, well, blah.  When this occurs, I just call it quits and head directly home.  I figure that there is no point looking at clothing when it is no longer fun and exciting.

I am starting to think about new clothing themes ... for me ... for Spring/Summer.  One of these I have provisionally titled, "Artist Girl in 1920s Paris".  I am thinking: lots of black and white and/or cream clothing; loose and flowy structured clothing (I know that that is probably an oxymoron); men's shirts, trousers and blazers; oxfords.  Hmmmm.  All of a sudden, I am reminded of the recent film, "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky", which I saw during the holidays.  It is probably way too early for any of my "thoughts" about Spring/Summer clothing to stick, but it's fun thinking about Spring/Summer dressing just the same.

I am wearing a cardigan by LLBean (Signature) layered on top of a long sleeve tshirt from Old Navy, a vintage H&M jumper dress, a handknit button scarf (gift), vintage Lululemon leggings and vintage CK socks.  My boots are vintage Fluevogs.

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