Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing: Spring Edition No. 4

I did say yesterday that, when it comes to picking clothes to wear, nothing is ever for sure with me.  Yesterday, I declared that I had had enough of wearing wellies, relying on weather forecasts that don't come to pass, and that I wouldn't wear wellies anymore.  So what do I go and do today after listening to a weather forecast calling for rain?  I wear wellies!  On the other hand, yesterday, after wearing a "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" outfit two days in a row after having given the theme a rest for a period of time, I expressed some hesitation in accepting that the "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" theme was back in full force.  Yet, today, I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to wear more than another "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" outfit.  Whichever way I seem to think I might be going, chances are pretty good (in fact, I would say that the odds are 50/50) that I will go in a different direction.  It's probably a good thing that I don't plan and that I just go with the flow.  Otherwise, I might be very frustrated.

It isn't very common for me to wear patterned tights, of the sort that I wore today (or of the sort that I wore in April).  But it is starting to feel right to wear patterned tights, so I am just going to go with it.  Regrettably, the pattern on the tights that I wore today probably doesn't show up too well in the photos that I posted today.  Let me just say that it is a floral pattern.

I really want to keep exploring the "Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" theme for Spring, which means I want to do so immediately.  Unfortunately, I am going to have to wait at least until Friday to do so.  Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be serious days for me, which means I will be wearing "business suits" on them.  We'll see what happens on Friday.  I have some ideas, but as I said yesterday, and proved today, nothing is ever for sure with me when it comes to getting dressed.

coat: Gap, old
dress: Pure by Alfred Sung for Zellers
sweater: Kersh, old
tights: H&M
socks: ?
boots: Aigle (from JCrew)
pin: ?

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