Thursday, April 8, 2010

Balenciaga to the Rescue ... Again

When Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2006 collection was shown, I knew that it would provide me with inspiration for business wear.  And, indeed, it did.  I acquired a few Balenciaga-inspired suits (or Balenciaga knock-offs) that year.  I still love the collection and rotate two of the suits that I bought through my business wear collection.  One of these suits I wore at the beginning of March.  The second one, I wore today.  In the past, when I have worn today's suit, I dressed in black from head to toe.  Today, right before I left the house, I got the idea to wear the plaid tights.  I had so much fun with them, particularly when people pointed at my legs and exclaimed, "I love those!"  I included photos of the suit with the wellies (it rained again today, so I needed the wellies again), as well as photos of the suit with the ankle boots, because I love the look of the "suit with wellies outfit" as much as I love the look of the "suit with ankle boots outfit".  The first outfit makes me feel like I should be in the country walking though fields.  The second outfit makes me feel like an "artiste".  Fun, fun, fun!

suit: Zara, old
blouse: Bedo, last season
tights: ?
socks: H&M, old
wellies: Hunter
boots: Fluevog, old

Here is the inspiration:

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