Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grey, Grey. Brown, Brown.

Grey, grey.  Brown, brown.  That's how I would describe today's outfit.  Perhaps some would say:  Grey, grey.  Tan, tan.  Or:  Grey, grey.  Caramel, caramel.  The latter description doesn't really roll off the tongue.  The former is okay.  But, I will stick with my original description:  Grey, grey.  Brown, brown.

After yesterday's rest, I tried to get back to my normal routine today.  I wanted the transition to be easy, which is why I chose to wear an outfit not unlike yesterday's outfit.  I wanted some tangible reminder of yesterday's self-imposed rest.  It did the trick.  It's curious how clothing can help one act in a specific way.  (In my case, laid-back, care-free, stress-free.)  Or, perhaps, this is obvious.  After all, clothes are used as costume, are they not?

dress: Gap
vest: Gap
belt: Old Navy, old
leggings: American Apparel, old
socks: ?
shoes: JCrew

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