Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Beloved Bag

The bag that I carried today is a beloved bag:  It has seen me through some tough times and some really good times.  There are tons of memories associated with it.  Some time ago, one of the pieces of hardware on the bag "malfunctioned", and I was no longer able to carry the bag.  I could not, however, part with it.  I inquired at the store where I had purchased it whether they could repair the hardware.  They said they could.  I would just have to bring the bag in.  It took some time after that for me to actually take the bag in for the repair.  Deep down, I thought that if I took the bag in, it would disappear.  I am not sure why I thought this, I just did.  The time that I took to take the bag in for repair was spent reconciling myself to the fact that I might be parted from the beloved bag, so full of memories, forever.  Finally, I reached a point where I was ready to say good-bye to the bag, so I took it in for repair.  Two months later, the bag was returned to me in fully functioning form.  I was ecstatic.  I was in no way influenced by the store/company to say this:  Thank you so much Roots for my beloved bag, for repairing my beloved bag and for returning my beloved bag to me!  I am really hoping that today will mark the start of some more great memories with the bag.

I was pretty sure that today's outfit was inspired by a past designer's collection.  So I started looking through my books of past designers' collections.  I couldn't quickly locate the inspiration look, which means I am either wrong about the inspiration for the outfit or I am looking in the wrong year or season.  In any event, I can't show the inspiration for the outfit.  All I can do is promise to add an "addendum" to this post if and when I find the inspiration.

suit: H&M, old
sweater: Eddie Bauer, old
tights: ?
shoes: Fluevog, old
beloved bag: Roots, old

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