Friday, April 23, 2010

A Favourite Designer

One of my favourite local designers is Susan Harris.  She uses discarded clothing, and, sometimes, other discarded fabric items, such as curtains, bed linens, tea towels and tablecloths, to fashion new clothing.  Definitely green, which alone is a good reason to consume the clothing.  But, if I am to be honest, I purchase Susan Harris Design pieces because of their aesthetics.  I find them stunningly beautiful.   And, I just love the different prints that adorn the clothes.

As for the particular outfit that I put together today, the Spring 2010 Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear collection was a clear source of inspiration.  When I first saw the collection, one of the pieces in my wardrobe that I immediately thought of was the Susan Harris Design dress.  The idea to pair the Susan Harris Design sweater with the dress came later, when I saw the sweater about a month ago at the Spring One of Kind Show and Sale.  The idea to add into the mix the Susan Harris Design jacket came just yesterday, when I wore the jacket with another outfit.  The idea to wear the Susan Harris Design arm warmers came today, right before I left my house.  Sometimes I am truly amazed at how outfits are conceived.  And, a little scared, because it all seems to depend on serendipity.  What if, one day, things just stopped coming together?


On a different note, I have not forgotten that today was a monthly colour challenge day and that I was supposed to wear blue (the colour for April).  A part of me is starting to give up on the challenge.  What was I thinking?  When it comes to getting dressed, my nature is so "anti-constraints".  Right now, I can't even promise a blue make-up day.

jacket: Susan Harris Design, old
belt: Gap, old
scarf: ?
arm warmers: Susan Harris Design, old
blouse: Gap, old
dress: Susan Harris Design, last season
sweater: Susan Harris Design
leggings: Gap, old
socks: H&M, old
boots: Fluevog

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