Tuesday, December 2, 2014

what's that expression again outfit

i hate it when i forget a colloquialism. i am not in the least bit surprised that i can forget a colloquialism -- i don't use colloquialisms that often and i usually use them incorrectly. but i do hate it that when i want to use a colloquialism i can't remember it. the particular colloquialism that i am searching for at the moment is the one that describes the situation of a person who stays in a bar until closing. i think it might be "closing the bar down", but i could be wrong. in any event, whatever the colloquialism is, i wanted to remember it so that i could use it to say that while i have never (insert colloquialism here), i have often "closed a shopping event down".

i am wearing the alpen top, delphi scarf, folio vest, long tight pant and tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing (over the alpen top and underneath the folio vest) a cardi by lauren vidal via kaliyana. my boots are the onion boot (closed collection) by trippen.