Monday, December 15, 2014

this, that or the other pullover

a few weeks ago, on the kaliyana facebook page, a way to change up the look of the anti-suit was suggested: substituting the bell tunic for the outside shirt. i wanted to give this a go, but i didn't have the bell tunic. so i had to use something else. i used something that i did have: the studio tunic. the top swap motivated a pant swap. instead of wearing the anti-suit trouser (the palazzo pant), i decided to wear another of the designer's trousers, namely, the around pant.* unfortunately, the resulting outfit wasn't warm enough for this time of year. (the top and pant swaps had nothing to do with this. for me, the original anti-suit would have been just as insufficiently warm.) so i threw the short cowl neck top over the whole thing.

*putting on the around pant made me realize that, while i like the idea of the anti-suit, it really isn't me and if i wanted to continue wearing it, i would have to make it truly mine. i think that the pant swap will make it much more me. stay tuned for a peek at "my" anti-suit.

i am wearing the studio tunic, the getaway jacket (from the anti-suit), the short cowl neck top, the around pant and the tokyo hat by kaliyana. my boots are the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.

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