Tuesday, December 23, 2014

not enough talk shirt

new shirt. and, new scarf (peaking out from under my most voluminous coat). same pattern on both.

i am wearing the outside shirt, the scarf sweater and the delphi scarf by kaliyana. i am also wearing trousers by grizas via kaliyana. my coat is by rundholz (black label). i am wearing the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.


Ledonna Nubin said...

O.k. I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I just had to comment. The evolution of your style and your hair is amazing to me. You layer like I wish I could and your analysis and in depth comments about your look is very thoughtful.

wardrobetales said...

thanks, ledonna. i am happy that after reading the blog for a while you took the time to comment.