Saturday, December 6, 2014

oliver twist trousers

my preference is for skirts and dresses ... over trousers. if you glance to the right, at the "about me" blurb, you will see my preference declared. i wrote the "about me" blurb when i started the blog a little over four years ago. much has changed about me since then, but the "about me" blurb, and my declared preference for skirts and dresses, is as true today and it was then. all that said, i do wear trousers. over the past four (or so) years, i think that i have settled on what kind of trousers i really like. the "no rise", "drop crotch" or "harem style" (call it what you wish) trouser comes out on top. and, skinny trousers, so long as they are worn "leggings style" under a skirt or dress, come in in second (even though i rarely wear this type of outfit now). interestingly shaped trousers (like the balloon pant that i wore in the summer) come in in third. the trousers that i am wearing here are a combination of the no rise trouser and the interestingly shaped trouser. they make me think of oliver twist (perhaps because of their colour and the fabric from which they are made -- it is very corduroy like). and, although many would beg to differ with me, i think that they are the most masculine looking trousers that i wear. when i don't wear a dress overtop them!

i am wearing the outside shirt, the scarf sweater and the tokyo hat by kaliyana. i am also wearing trousers by grizas via kaliyana. my boots are the noon boot (box collection) by trippen.

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Sue said...

That is exactly how I wear trousers or leggings, under things!! Spots, glorious spots!!