Friday, December 19, 2014

the anti-suit: wardrobetales' version

as promised a few posts ago, here is "my" version of the (kaliyana) anti-suit: the outside shirt and the getaway jacket, from the (kaliyana) anti-suit, and the around pant, by kaliyana but not from the (kaliyana) anti-suit. now here is the sad part of the debut of "my" version of the (kaliyana) anti-suit: it may very well be the last time that i don it. why? because i made the mistake of wearing it to an "event" that i knew would be unpleasant and i think (nay, i pretty much know) that the unpleasantness of the "event" transferred to my clothes. after the "event", i couldn't get home fast enough so as to change clothes. out of "my" version of the (kaliyana) anti-suit lickety-split and into some comfort clothes, which since august has been anything from my rundholz wardrobe.

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