Sunday, December 30, 2012

red poinsettia cardi

the look:

cardi - old jcrew
dress - old lands end canvas
petticoat - old american apparel
vest - random label
skinny cords - hue
coat - old h&m
hat - old lillie and cohoe
mitts - preloved
boots - old llbean

the tale:

do you remember my fantasy of looking like a jcrew girl? this is about as close as i will probably ever get to looking like a jcrew girl. and, sadly, i am only wearing one piece of jcrew clothing. and not even a new piece of jcrew clothing at that (the cardi is from jcrew's 2008 holiday collection). just to be clear: i did not set out to look like a jcrew girl this morning. it just happened. maybe because i was browsing a jcrew catalogue last night?

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