Wednesday, December 19, 2012

can't say enough good things about it dress

the look:

top - old jacob
sweater dress (worn as pullover) - susan harris design (a/w 2012)
dress - mmm x h&m
skirt - melow by melissa bolduc (s/s 2012)
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old cydwoq

the tale:

the oversized dress was among the first pieces of the mmm x h&m collection that i picked up. i remember the other first pieces as well (a trench and white washed boots). i don't remember the order in which i purchased some of the other pieces. you would think that i would remember the last piece that i bought, but i don't. after the first pieces came home with me, there was a whirlwind of purchasing, right up to the final purchase. i should, perhaps, feel ashamed at my level of consumerism. but i don't. i love this collection and i love, am grateful for and am happy with every piece of the collection that i now own.

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