Monday, December 10, 2012

having fun with tweed skirt

the look:

shirt and tie - old gap
sweater dress - susan harris design
skirt - joyce seppala designs
hat - old nine west
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

as a little girl, i was always dressed in brown (at least this is what i recall). i remember hating brown clothing. it is probably because of this childhood experience that, as soon as i started purchasing my own clothes, i avoided brown clothing. (i probably would have started avoiding it as soon as i started dressing myself but i was still at the mercy of those who controlled the clothing purchases -- and who continued to prefer brown clothing for me.) it amazes me that, in light of this history, i have come to enjoy wearing brown clothing, even preferring it at times. either someone had it right way back then or i have come to terms with my childhood experiences and am able to make choices for myself uninfluenced by those experiences (which, i guess, still means someone had it right way back then). (p.s. remember that temptation to buy more of that black sweater dress? obviously i couldn't resist. although i might have been able to had it not been for this skirt -- i thought that the sweater dress in brown would look perfect with the skirt. of course, the skirt might explain this brown sweater dress. it can't explain the blue one that i also got. more on that at some later point.)

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