Monday, December 24, 2012

carrara marble dress

the look:

shirt - old gap
tie and skirt - old h&m
vest - h&m
trousers - old navy
dress - ?
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old marsell

the tale:

i do so wish that i could remember the name of the artisan behind this dress. it is a local artisan, which is all the more reason why i should remember her. (the purple dress that i wore several days ago was made by the same artisan.) i will keep searching for the name ... in my mind, in my pocket book -- maybe i still have the receipt -- and on the interwebs ... something is bound to turn up. (in case anyone is wondering where the vest of the look is, i wore it underneath the dress. if you examine the first photo closely, you can see it just peeking out from underneath the dress at my left shoulder. wearing the vest underneath the dress was my solution to wearing the dress and staying warm -- although the body of the dress is made of a knit, it isn't a thick enough knit to keep me warm, in winter weather, on its own. ingenious? no, just lucky!)

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