Sunday, December 16, 2012

professor green's jacket

the look:

shirt - salt valley (uo)
tie - old uo
pullover - old zara
jacket - dear creatures (a/w 2010)
skirt - old preloved
trousers - hue
hat - old lillie & cohoe
boots - old cydwoq

the tale:

(whenever i put on an all-green outfit, two things come to me immediately. one of these is the tv series mash (which, incidentally, i have been re-watching recently). the other is kermit the frog, singing the "it's not easy being green" song. after that, i try to think of other things that could inspire an all-green outfit: forest rangers, girl guides and boy scouts, professors. but i can never quite let go of mash and kermie.) i put on the jacket because i was feeling cold and needed another woollen layer. it was not my intention to "dress up" and i certainly didn't feel "dressed up" after i donned the jacket, just warmer. i know that wearing a jacket is often viewed as "dressing up" and that, for many, just putting on a jacket makes them feel "dressed up". however, if one wears jackets often enough, a jacket just becomes another piece of clothing, to be worn on any occasion, not just on a "dress up" occasion, and not necessarily making one feel "dressed up" the moment it is put on. that's how i view a jacket now: as just another piece of clothing. wearing a jacket makes me feel neither more nor less "dressed up". wearing a jacket just makes me feel dressed. and warmer

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