Friday, November 2, 2012

drawing on the past dress

the look:

top - old lands end
dress and cardi - old susan harris design
coat - old kensie
scarf and hand warmers - old h&m
hat - old nine west
boots - old bogs

the tale:

i don't even know the source of this little bit of "advice", but i keep hearing it time and again: before buying a piece of clothing, you should ensure that it can be worn with at least three pieces of clothing already in your closet. i am not sure why, today, i decided to challenge this "advice", but i did. why can't the outfit that i wore today be the only outfit in which the top, dress and cardi figure? i hate to keep harping on about the time when i was in uni, but, back in those days, i had a total of twelve pieces of clothing that made six outfits, meaning that some of those pieces of clothing only appeared in one outfit. i don't ever recall feeling anything but satisfied with how i was dressing. so, henceforth, i am ridding my mind of the notion that i have to be able to put every single piece of clothing that i own into at least three different outfits.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hear, hear!
Further, even if every garment could be part of three different outfits, it would be quite likely that one would be the favourite, rendering the others superfluous despite being possible. And the notion seems to eliminate the importance of having garments so striking that they pretty much make the outfit on their own - which to me, is one of the joys of clothing!