Sunday, November 4, 2012

shockingly cold cardi

the look:

shirt - old gap
dress - old llbean signature
cardi - old preloved
jeans - old old navy
coat - old kensie
scarf and handwarmers - old h&m
hat - old nine west
wellies - old hunter

the tale:

maybe it's the long hot summer that i just lived through. or maybe its the unusually mild winter that preceded the long hot summer. whatever it is, i have found the arrival of cold weather (this past Friday) shocking. i can't believe that i am facing at least five months of wearing heavy wool sweaters. and i say this knowing how much i love heavy wool sweaters. but there it is: reality. short of moving (which i don't foresee myself doing, which isn't to say that a move won't occur unexpectedly), there is no avoiding the cold. i will have to find a way to embrace it.

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