Tuesday, October 30, 2012

raisin pullover

the look:

tshirt - old gap
wrap top - old lululemon
dress and pullover - random label
leggings - old old navy
cap - old
wellies - old hunter

the tale:

i find it ridiculous how sizing differs from store to store (and from label to label). for example, today, at top shop, i spotted the most awesome pleated skirt that i would have bought (probably) if the store had had it in my size. unfortunately, the smallest size available (in a US size) was at least one size too big. later in the day, i tried on some faux leather trousers at H&M, three sizes larger than that skirt at top shop. perfect fit. now, all this happened in the space of an hour, and i know that i didn't grow four sizes during that hour. probably good for me that all i care about when buying clothes is liking how they look on me and comfortable fit. the number on the label matters not to me. otherwise, i would probably have been on quite the emotional roller coaster rider today.

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