Wednesday, November 28, 2012

perfect peplum pullover

the look:

shirt - old uo
tie, scarf and handwarmers - old h&m
dress - old zara
pullover - h&m
corduroy leggings - hue
coat - old kensie
hat - old nine west
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

it was probably the only perfect thing about the day. i am talking about the peplum pullover. why do i have such a hard time learning certain things. maybe i will make a list of things not to do so that i can remind myself every single day of these things before i leave the house. maybe i will put the list up on the bathroom mirror. in various places in the kitchen. on the blackboard. on the door. if only i could still write things on the back or the palm of my hand (sadly, i am not that young anymore). even if i could remember to "wait", it would be a big help. in addition to all the above, why do i stop, every once in a while, to carry a book with me ... always. being able to crack open a book at any moment is very (very) helpful. sigh. fortunately, tomorrow is a new day: a new opportunity to get it right: to "wait" and to carry a book with me.

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