Tuesday, November 27, 2012

making it fit skirt

the look:

blouse and jacket - old h&m
skirt - mmm x h&m
hat - old nine west
shoes - john fluevog

the tale:

putting on this skirt (why didn't i think of this way of making an oversized skirt fit?), my goal was to find something to wear on top that wouldn't hide the fold (the whole point of the skirt) and that would be true to my aesthetic. i succeeded with the blouse. less so with the jacket -- in terms of not hiding the fold. but i needed something overtop the blouse -- to keep me warm -- and the jacket was certainly true to my aesthetic and, i think, worked in otherwise creating a me-appropriate silhouette. very austere result. it certainly hides how thrilled i am that i managed to score the skirt. (p.s. the answer to the question that i asked at the outset is that i am not mmm (obviously)! p.p.s. i also managed to score the oversized trousers, about which i am equally thrilled. p.p.p.s. alright, i confess, i have a good part of the mmm x h&m collection. my, to date, all time favourite h&m collaboration with a designer.)

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