Monday, May 28, 2012

Sail Away Top

the look:

blouse - from a local arts and crafts import shop
skirts - kaliyana
jacket - old zara
hat - old nine west
oxfords - old john fluevog

the tale:

one of my favourite "colour" pairings this spring/summer is turning out to be black and ecru. not a pairing that i wore today. but it is today's "colour" pairing -- black and white -- that is drawing my attention to the black and ecru "colour" pairing. the black and white pairing seems so harsh and stark. the black and ecru pairing is so much softer by comparison. in the past, i would definitely have preferred black and white over black and ecru. i would have seen black and white as a cleaner and crisper and more geometric pairing -- everything that i was gravitating towards back then. a black and ecru pairing i would have described as too feminine and organic for my liking and also as being neither here nor there -- not what i wanted at the time. how things have changed.

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