Wednesday, May 9, 2012

footwear for cleaning the office in

the look:

blouse - old uo
jumper dress and jacket - old, from a local arts and crafts import shop
skirt - melow by melissa bolduc
beret - old american apparel
boots - old john fluevog

the tale:

you would probably never think it to look at me (or maybe you would think it -- who am i to say what you would or wouldn't think), but i can really get into cleaning. once i start, it is as if time is suspended. i enter the cleaning zone, in which nothing matters but getting the job done. of course, the job started isn't the one that must get done. because one cleaning job leads to another and the job that must get done is the bigger one, the one that includes the job started and all the jobs that seem to naturally flow from that one. sometimes, when i am in the cleaning zone, i forget to eat (i don't even get hungry). other times, i lose track of where i am exactly. rest assured, i do eventually come out of this state. anyways, not too long ago, i bought a pair of fluevog munsters. the joke was that i was going to wear the shoes to do my laundry. later, i bought another pair of fluevogs -- i can't remember what they were -- and the joke that time was that they were going to be my vacuuming shoes. since i spent some time cleaning my office today, i have decided that my spats boots (also fluevog, by the way) are going to be my cleaning the office shoes. fancy, eh?

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