Friday, May 11, 2012

look both ways before crossing the street jumper dress ... and jacket

the look:

blouse and tie - old uo
jumper dress and jacket - old olio organics
beret - old american apparel
boots - ixos
pullover - h&m

the tale:

yesterday, i was discussing my outfit with someone. i mentioned that my sole objective was to put together something that was comfortable. the person remarked that it couldn't be all about comfort, as I was wearing a tie. i suppose i should have written about this incident yesterday, but as what i wore today was very similar to what i wore yesterday, the incident seems as relevant today as it would have been yesterday. after the person took issue with my outfit being all about comfort because of the tie, i let things drop. perhaps i should not have done so, because the truth is that a buttoned up blouse/shirt is comfortable for me. a tie on top of that is just icing on the cake, a cherry on top of a sundae. it doesn't make a buttoned up blouse/shirt any less comfortable. it doesn't do anything except dress up a buttoned up blouse/shirt, which, i have already said, is comfortable for me. i would be much less comfortable with a low plunging top. i guess it's all about what one gets accustomed to.

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