Sunday, March 18, 2012

at long last sweats

the look:

long sleeve tshirt - old gap
short sleeve tshirt - lululemon
sweat pants - anthropologie
open hoodie and beanie - roots
boots - old
coat - h&m

the tale:

on a number of occasions now, i have resolved to never wear sweat pants again.  i have tried all sorts of sweat pants:  regular ones, cut off ones, ones that look like pants and skinny ones.  i thought i liked them at the time i was trying them out, but it was never too long before i started disliking the way i looked in them and resolved to never wear sweat pants again.  last week, i found these sweat pants ... on sale at anthropologie.  i am convinced that these ones are the ones and that they will last.  i like their wide legs, the loose elasticized bottoms and the side zips at the bottom.  of course, i think that i have said "these are the ones" before.  we shall see what happens.  (and, yes, i do look a little like an elf.)

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