Sunday, March 25, 2012

not willing to let go dress

the look:

dress and top - old h&m
skirt - old gap
beret - old american apparel
arm warmers - h&m
boots - marsell
scarf - old lululemon
jacket - old danier

the tale:

i like umbrellas.  particularly big umbrellas.  and bubble umbrellas are at the top of my umbrella hierarchy.  but as much as i like umbrellas, i don't always like dragging them around with me.  mostly because i am dragging them around with me, waiting for rain, instead of using them to shelter me from the rain.  there are very few full days of rain where i live.  when rain is forecast, it usually lasts for no longer than an hour tops, but the hour can happen at any time.  hence the dragging around of the umbrella, waiting for the rain to fall.  recently, and purely for the sake of convenience, i have taken to wearing raincoats when rain is forecast instead of dragging around an umbrella.  Of course, not all "raincoats" are true raincoats, that is, waterproof, capable of repelling rain and keeping one dry.  A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that i don't possess a black raincoat.  a gap in my wardrobe that is somewhat important, given my preference for raincoats over umbrellas and my recent shift to wearing mostly black clothing.  i didn't really mean to get a black raincoat any time soon, but i just happened to run across the cutest black raincoat (and i mean true raincoat, waterproof, capable of repelling rain and keeping one dry) at lululemon the other day.  the next day, i went and snapped it up.  lululemon is one of those stores where if you wait too long to get something, you won't be getting it at all.  items, particularly unique items, are produced in limited quantities, sell quickly and rarely, if ever, return.  the company does this deliberately.  it used to suck me in, when i first got into yoga.  i used to go to lululemon on a weekly basis (if not more frequently).  then i adopted some resistance techniques.  i let my guard down this past week.  but it was for a good cause -- a black raincoat.

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