Monday, March 5, 2012

a favourite suit (once upon a time ... and still)

the look:

turtleneck - old
vest - old gap
skirt and jacket - old zara
hand warmers - h&m
hat - lillie & cohoe
boots - fiorentini & baker
parka - old canada goose
scarf - old h&m

the tale:

it is not easy when, after a weekend of being "under the weather" (alright, "sick"), meaning no great nights (and i am talking about sleeping here), you have to face going out into a minus twenty-one degrees celsius morning to get to work.  two things were on my mind today.  first, i have to recover my health.  second: i have to stay warm.  at least one of these two things was completely within my control.  i wore as much wool as i could: wool tights, wool vest, wool suit.  wool is a remarkable thing.  what would i do without it?

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