Friday, July 15, 2011

The Flouncy Cabbage Roses Dress

I wore a denim jacket today for inside.  Outside, it was hot and no jacket was required.  Inside, with the air conditioning working at maximum capacity (not in my house, mind), it was chilly, and a jacket was required to take the edge off the cold (a jacket and a space heater actually).  Having to carry a jacket (or sweater) around with me in the Summer heat used to annoy me a lot more than it seems to be annoying me this Summer.  This Summer, I am just accepting the situation.  I see no point in letting the situation annoy me.  Nothing changes.  Inside it remains cold, while outside it is hot.  So why bother getting annoyed?  Maybe as I get older, I am getting wiser, choosing my battles more wisely, etc.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric, its design and chiffon-like look, but the dress itself wouldn't precisely be my cup of tea. On you it looks very nice, esp paired with the jacket.

It's just that I'm so used to feel the urge to ransack your wardrobe,