Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daffodil Coach Company Mystery Tour Romper

Yesterday, I was trawling the web and came across Orla Kiely's F/W 2011 RTW collection.  Love, love, love.  You can see it here.  Since it has been hot and steamy pretty much nonstop since the beginning of July and, if the meteorologists are correct, hot and steamy is pretty much all there is on the menu for August, it is very difficult to think about wearing (or even trying on) Fall/Winter clothing.  But when the clothing is as pretty as Orla Kiely's, well, it is possible to think about Fall/Winter clothing.  Like I said:  Love, love, love.  I would love to own something from the collection, but not in the cards, I am afraid.

P.S. One more yellow dress, suitable for hot weather, and then I will be done with the orange, yellow and cream clothing obsession that has haunted me since about two weeks ago.  At least for the next little while.  I am starting to feel very blue.

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